Edison Liang
Andrew Hayes Buchanan Professor of Astrophysics

Prof. Liang completed his PhD in Physics at UC Berkeley at the age of twenty three. His PhD Thesis on the structure of the cosmological singularity was under the guidance of Profs. R.K.Sachs and J.S.Silk. He joined the Rice faculty in 1991 after teaching careers at Michigan State University and Stanford University, plus research and management positions at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. He was an associate/deputy division leader in the Physics Directorate of LLNL prior to moving to Rice. His current research interests include high-performance computer simulations of relativistic plasmas and high energy astrophysics, and experiments in high energy density physics with applications to antimatter creation, laboratory astrophysics, and medical physics. He is also interested in problems in computational fluid dynamics. His group is actively engaged in both theoretical and experimental projects. He is the author or coauthor of approximately 300 publications and a Fellow of the American Physical Society. (Click on the above pictures to sample recent publications)
Website: http://spacibm.rice.edu/~liang

Professor Liang teaches PHYS515: Classical Dynamics in the Fall Semester of 2017

Current Graduate Students: Tilak Dhakal, Yingchao Lu

Current Undergraduate Research Assistants: Willie Lo (BS 2017), Kelly Yao (BS 2019), Jake Spisak (BS2018), Ilija Marchenka (BS2019), Omar Garcia (BS2019)

Recent PhD Graduates: Guy Hilburn (PhD 2012); Alexander Henderson (PhD 2015)

Recent Postdocs: Kochi Noguchi (Technical Staff, Advancesoft, Tokyo); Xin Wang ; Wen Fu






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 Dr. Edison Liang
Office: 342 Herman Brown Hall
Telephone: 713-348-3524
Email: liang@rice.edu